Manatee County Real Estate Stats 10/1-10/29 2010

Each month we tabulate real estate stats.  We are sharing our findings for Manatee County Florida.  Find information by zip code and the real estate activity all active, pending and sold units between 10/1/and 10/29/2010.  The foreclosure information represents accumulated figures year to date (10/29).  Once the property receives a notice from the lender it is recorded and remains.  If the a loan modification was achieved this information will not be available, only the receipt of the lis pendens. 

October 2010 Manatee County

Active Listings By Zip Code

34201 University Park=88 34202 Lakewood Ranch=362 34203 Braden River=336 34205 West Bradenton=291 34207 W 57th Bradenton=355 34208 East Bradenton=263 34209 NW Bradenton=525 34210 Cortez=359  34211 Panther Ridge=74 34228 LongBoat Key=245 34212 NE Bradenton=256 34222 Ellenton=256 34221 Palmetto=368 34219 Parrish=242

October 2010 Manatee County 

Pending Transactions By Zip Code

34201 University Park=24 34202 Lakewood Ranch=161 34203 Braden River=132 34205 West Bradenton=106 34207 W 57th Bradenton=88 34208 East Bradenton=85 34209 NW Bradenton=100 34210 Cortez=66 34211Panther Ridge=16 34228 LongBoat Key=18 34212 NE Bradenton=109 34222 Ellenton=47 34221 Palmetto=138 34219 Parrish=132

October 2010 Manatee County Sold Transactions 10/1-10/29 By Zip Code

34201 University Park=11 34202 Lakewood Ranch=27 34203 Braden River=22 34205 West Bradenton=35 34207 W 57th Bradenton=19 34208 East Bradenton=19 34209 NW Bradenton=34 34210 Cortez=18 34211Panther Ridge=4 34228 LongBoat Key=4 34212 NE Bradenton=22 34222 Ellenton=6 34221 Palmetto=40 34219 Parrish=23

October 2010 (10/29) Manatee County 

Properties w/ Foreclosure Notice by Zip Code

34201 University Park=78 34202 Lakewood Ranch=485 34203 Braden River=729 34205 West Bradenton=766 34207 W 57th Bradenton=602 34208 East Bradenton=730 34209 NW Bradenton=524 34210 Cortez=259 34211Panther Ridge=54 34228 LongBoat Key=65 34212 NE Bradenton=415 34222 Ellenton=176 34221 Palmetto=800 34219 Parrish=457

Note: According the current status; loan modification, foreclosure, auction, short sale of each property should be confirmed at the time of interest.  Due to current market conditions the status of each property can potentially change daily.  The information was gathered from sources from 10/1-10/29 2010.  These statistics are based upon Manatee County zip codes.  Additional information such as subdivision, property type, and availability can be provided on demand basis.  If additional information contact Brock Realty 941.313.1234 or write

~ by Lynn Brock on November 1, 2010.

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