Tampa Bay Real Estate Activity 2010 -Hillsborough County

We have conducted our year end real estate activity chart and have uploaded the information pertaining to Hillsborough county.  You can locate your zip code, then look acroos and see how many units were for sale during the month of December, how many units were pending, how many sold in December and the total units sold Year to Date (YTD). 

The chart also includes the number of properties in default or pre foreclosure, ready for auction, bank owned and the number of foreclosures.  The information contained in these columns might list the same property under each category.  For example, a property that received a lis pendens notice will be counted under Default properties.  If the property goes to foreclosure via a Sheriff’s auction, then the property will be counted under this column or as a foreclosure. 

The information depicted under the columns; active, pending and sold show actual numbers.  A unit that is active can not be listed under pending or sold.  Thus, there is a larger margin of reporting error in the columns containing information listed underneath; Default, Auction, Bank Owned, and Foreclosures

Overall, the activity is represented by zip code.  We utilize this information in a variety of ways to build strategic plans for our clients.  We have posted it for your review and comments.  If you desire specific information regarding an address please call us at 941.870.8100. 


~ by Lynn Brock on January 2, 2011.

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