Brock Realty Partners With Lowes

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Brock Realty has joined with Lowes to provide their clients with home improvement tips, do -it- yourself projects and discount coupons for their properties. This unique program benefits homeowners whether they are buying a new home or selling their present one.

First Time Homeowners receive creative ideas and exclusive offers to help them transition as a a new homeowner. The information provided includes suggestions and project ideas that enhance their property‘s value.

Investors also benefit with a Foreclosure Improvement program that addresses tips and home improvement projects for recently purchased foreclosed property and turning them around for occupancy or resale.

Money Magazine another business partner with Lowes provides the impact of home improvements on the value of your home.  These include the following:

Money Magazine® Tips:

Fact: Cabinet resurfacing, updated appliances and new flooring can serve up an amazing 100% return!

Fact: A kitchen remodel can help your house sell – and dish up an 80% return on your remodeling costs! A small kitchen facelift (under $10,000) can return 100% on investment.

Fact: A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to add appeal. Paint kitchen cabinets as an inexpensive, simple alternative to replacing existing ones.

All of our clients receive a 10% coupon which they present when shopping at Lowes.  This program is provides a tremendous benefit to our clients and helps them to prepare their property for sale or helps to personalize their property and make it Home Sweet Home. 

~ by Lynn Brock on January 5, 2011.

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