Brock Realty Inc. Has 98% Transaction Close Rate

In a recent study, of Tampa Bay housing market, it was determined that when Brock Realty, Inc. was involved with a real estate transaction there was a sharp increase in closure rate. When clients asked for feedback, their comments revealed that “attention to details”, “communication” and “follow through” were the top three answers.

One client M. ______las said that working with Brock Realty, Inc. was the most stress free and smoothest transaction they had ever experienced. At first, they expressed concerns and were met with personalized answers specific to their questions. After discussing their options, they decided to employ Brock Realty, Inc. as their real estate representative. Once their decision was made, they indicated that they felt that their needs were being addressed and that they were able to direct their attention to their personal life demands allowing Brock Realty, Inc. to manage the real estate details.

At the closing, a representative from Brock Realty, Inc. was present at the closing to insure that all paperwork and questions were answered. As congratulaions were passed around, they were presented with a closing gift which according to M. _______las was a lovely touch.

The survey of past clients revealed consist feedback inline with M. _____las regarding their working relationship with Brock Realty, Inc. Their comments included: Very Professional. Most Knowledgeable. Really Detailed Oriented. My Concerns Were All Addressed. It Was A Great Experience. I Would Recommend Them.

~ by Lynn Brock on March 2, 2011.

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